Kaalsarp pooja | Pandit in trimbakeshwar| Kalsarp dosh nivaran


Lord Shiva is devoted in his Rudra form, hailed by all Vedic authority as one of the greatest Poojas to abolish all the evils and to attain prosperity. You can conduct the Rudra abhishekh lord shiva at home too. This worship comprises of devoting the shivalinga while bathing with milk , water and yogurt and then showering with flowers, rudraksha etc. Then finally, it is presented to the devotees for worship and getting his blessings. You can also see that various shlokas and mantras, while milk, yoghurt, water, butter, honey, sugar, fruit juices, bhasma powder etc are poured over in pacifying the hot and fiery Shiva his blessings.

Rudra Abhishek is a tradition where lord shiva is bathed with Panchamrut and later showering beautiful flowers . The Pooja is done by worshiping lord Shiva in Trimbakeshwar with powerful hymns/mantras to fulfills all the wishes of the person who gets it performed. The Abhishek bestows prosperity, fulfillment of all wishes, removes the bad powers, the negative karma and brings happiness in life.

The Panchamrut pooja is done by using w water, milk, yogurt, ghee, honey etc with mantras and shlokas. It is a very special type of Pooja by all authorised astrologists or Brahmins of the Trimbakeshwar temple .It entrusts fulfillment, happiness and brings peace in life. Ahishek is perormed by Chanting the verses of Sanskrit sholakas ('Suktas') (Rudra )and simultaneously offering either holy leaves, holy water, honey, Milk, curd (yogurt), sugar, cane juice to Lord Shiva.

The Pooja Verses, Shlokas and Mantras are Pronounced loudly to worship the Lord shiva by priests they are written in ('San-Skrit' language pronounced as sun-s-krita ) ancient Indian language. There is a belief that ,this language is used for communication by God. Priest's usually can chant in this language. The vibrations generated from this chanting heals the mind of listeners and will give him/her peace of mind.